Expert Underfloor Heating Specialists

Underfloor heating specialists are installers who can supply and fit a heated flooring system into a renovation, extension or new build. They can help you choose a hydronic or electric underfloor heating system to suit your needs, as well as advise on the best floor build up solutions and installation methods.

Wet underfloor heating involves laying pipework underneath your floor of choice such as tiles, carpet or laminate to turn it into a radiator. This system is usually connected to your central heating system and can be installed in new builds, extensions or refurbishments. It can also be combined with insulation to reduce heat loss and energy consumption. It operates at a lower temperature than traditional radiators and can reduce the amount of CO2 generated in your home by 25%.

PHS has a network of underfloor heating engineers throughout the UK, who are ready to help with your commercial project. Whether you’re an architect, designer or developer planning a retail, restaurant, health care or other business project, we can advise on the best underfloor heating solution and provide a cost effective quote.

underfloor heating specialists near me can install both wet and dry underfloor systems. A wet system uses water in the pipes to warm up your floor and can be connected to existing central heating systems. It’s a great option for building into new buildings and extensions, but it can also be fitted to existing homes in renovation projects, as long as your boiler is able to cope with the additional load. A dry underfloor heating system has heating mats or cables that generate heat when electricity passes through them. This is a good choice for renovations and is often used in bathrooms. It can be connected to a timer, which makes it less expensive to run.

It’s important to get your underfloor heating professionally installed, so make sure you find a specialist who is qualified and experienced. An engineer who has undergone a comprehensive training programme will be able to offer you the highest standards of service and advice. They should be able to resolve common issues such as wiring problems, zones that aren’t heating up or air-locked pipes.

Once you have your underfloor heating installed, it’s vital to maintain it correctly to keep it running efficiently. One of the most common issues is trapped air in the system, which can block the flow of heat and increase your bills. It’s a simple fix, and your underfloor heating expert will be able to advise you on the correct procedure for releasing air from the system. They will also check the pressure and detect any leaks that may need to be repaired. They can flush the system and re-dose it with inhibitor to ensure it’s safe and working properly. Having your underfloor heating regularly serviced will prevent minor issues from becoming major ones. Having an annual service will also ensure that the pipes are well-insulated to minimise heat losses, and that they’re operating at the right temperature.