How do you pack efficiently for a move?

Estimates are the way movers Boston companies inform the potential client about the cost of moving services. Moving companies Boston located are working with their clients through two different types of estimates: binding and non-binding estimates. Binding estimates are perhaps the estimates which are most confusing for customers in general. That is the reason why moving companies Boston situated need to shed some light on the matter to simplify things for their clients:

Few Important Points on Binding Estimates:

A binding estimate by its nature is a very detailed estimate with a higher risk for movers Boston companies. And because of this risk,Different Types of Binding Estimates by Boston Movers Articles moving companies are often charging the beneficiary for providing the binding estimate.

Moving companies Boston will not include in their binding storage emerald coast estimates services which the customer requires after the estimate was produced. These additional charges as well impracticable operations charges will have to be paid for separately at delivery or according to the understanding between the mover and the beneficiary.

Essentially, the binding estimate means that movers Boston will not charge any supplementary amount for the moving services included in the estimate. They have to make the moving as specified in the binding estimate without exceeding the final amount.

Moving companies Boston may not charge more than 15% for impracticable operations on binding estimates.

Just like with a non binding estimate, a binding estimate must be presented to the beneficiary in a written form, a copy must remain with the beneficiary and one must be signed by the beneficiary as an agreement with the costs and shipment.

Once signed, a binding estimate becomes eligible for payment upon delivery. However, not all movers Boston require payment upon delivery. Depending on the terms and conditions of payments that the two parties have agreed upon, the beneficiary is responsible to pay all charges specified in the binding estimate.

Moving companies are allowed to keep your shipment in storage if you do not pay upon delivery if agreed so in the binding estimate. They are also allowed to add penalties for the delay.

Binding estimates are therefore binding upon the beneficiary as well as the mover. The services which are to be provided need to be presented in details. Most movers attach a copy of the binding estimate to the bill of lading.

Sometimes, beneficiaries require more services than presented in the binding estimate. Sometimes, more goods tend to be introduced in the shipment although not specified in the binding estimates. In such cases, the two parties involved cannot reach an agreement. In such a case most movers Boston will have to either reaffirm the binding estimate, to renegotiate a new binding estimate or to consider the binding a estimate a non binding one.